Privacy Policy of Grupo Video Web

Privacy Policy 

We always prioritize the privacy of our visitors. And we promise that all your particular data will be protected. When you visit our website, we store all the data we receive and keep notes. 

You can be sure that we are firmly against selling or exchanging your personal information with any other third party. To maintain the transparency of our relationship with you, we disclose the type of information we collect, including the reasons. 

What Data We Collect and Why: 


When you comment on a post, we save it, just like you see other people’s comments. We do not collect any other data with comments and do not use any data for promotion. We take help from the Gravatar service to ensure your browser and IP address are secure for our site. 

By clicking here, you can become aware of the Gravatar service’s privacy policies. We carefully analyze your comments before they become visible. We also do not store or market your email address.


All content on our website is unique and is created only by our team. We refrain from accepting and uploading content from any searchers or users. We also do not allow posting images or other media content on our website.


When visitors enter our website, they see pop-ups of registration and contact forms. Through these forms, we collect information about our visitors. Though, you can also visit the site without filling out the forms. It is only used to input your data on our site, which is not mandatory.  

If you fill-up the form, we will check the reason for visiting our site. And we store your information until your issue is resolved. We never use your data for additional actions or campaigns.

Log Files

Logfiles test how you interact with our site. While browsing the site, your IP address, server details, and AOL information are monitored. It also monitors how much time you spend on any page of our site.


Cookie pop-ups mean that the site has entered your information. It collects some basic information, such as your name and email address. However, if you select the option of not accepting cookies, the site may restrict you from certain activities. 

The primary purpose of setting cookies is to check your IP address, server, spam, and geo-targeting. You will also be able to pop up repeatedly if you fill out a cookie form.  

However, our cookies are completely neutral and do not store any of your information after leaving the site. If you select ‘Remember me,’ we will store your data for up to two days and will not need to input data each time you enter the website.


We collect data about your browsing routine, devices, etc., using automated data collection techniques, such as Google Analytics. The information collected includes transactions, including your region, browsing trends, and your behavior on the site. 

It lets you know information about gadget systems, IP addresses, operating systems, browser prototypes, and your Internet connection. We store such data for statistical purposes only. However, in that case, no visitors’ personal data is added. The data is collected only to improve the operation of the website and offers.

How Long We Retain Your Data: 

When you comment on our website, we reserve it forever. As a result, follow-up comments can be easily analyzed and tracked automatically. If you sign up for our website, we collect all the data provided on your profile. Next, you can edit and delete all the data except your unused ones.

What We Share and Store:

We keep your personal information confidential from any other third party. However, we keep its metadata for your comments and tracking. However, we do not store any information if you do not fill out the form. You may also choose to discard some data while using the site.

Where We Share And Send Your Data:

We do not transact your stored information with any other party. However, our email providers use plugins to collect some basic information. We also keep the automatic spam detection function enabled to survey guest comments.

How We Protect Your Financial Data:

We have integration with payment channels like PayPal for transactions. All your transaction activities are stored in these payment channels. We refrain from making any transactions on our site. We also do not store any transaction details on our site. This is our terms and conditions. Check it out.