Different Kinds Of Dirt Bikes For Different Aged Guys

Dirt bike racing has gained in popularity recently partially due to events like Supercross and
Motocross of Nations. More and more people have become aware of this sport and some fans
have gone beyond merely dressing like their favorite riders.

The author of honest Riders says, “Some have decided to buy a bike and actually participate. Dirt bikes have evolved over the years and now many manufacturers are producing bikes suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.”

Honda Dirt Bikes

Some of the best bikes made for beginners are the CRF70 and the 50 made by Honda. These
lightweight bikes are responsive and have just enough power for the novice rider. The CRF100F
is more power than either of these models but is still considered to be a good bike for a
beginning rider.

Honda also makes bikes for riders with a little more experience like the CRF250X and the
CRF450X. The 205X has the right features and updated technology that makes it an excellent
choice for the amateur competitor. The lightest Honda model is the easy to handle 450X. The
250X and 250R also handle well but come in packages that are heavier and more powerful.

Razor Dirt Bikes:

Razor dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes in the world. It has brought many different types of dirt bike for its clients. Both men and women can ride on this bike. If you are new to dirt bike riding, razor dirt bike can be the best dirt bike brand for you.

Source: honest riders

Kawasaki Dirt Bikes

Kawasaki makes a whole line of bikes starting with the KX65 and its 64 cc displacement, two-
stroke engine. It also features an efficient liquid cooling system. The 84, with its 84 cc
displacement, has a single two-stroke engine with KIPS and liquid cooling system and is slightly
more advanced. A 99 cc displacement is offered in the KX 100.

The most technologically advanced bikes in the Kawasaki line are the KX 450 and KX 250. The
four-stroke engine with the KX250 has a 249 cc displacement with the liquid cooling system and
four valves. The KX450 boasts a four-stroke engine that is liquid cooled. It has DOHC, 449 cc
displacement and four valves.

Suzuki Dirt Bikes

There are nine different dirt bikes made by Suzuki. The newest models are the RM-Z250 and
RM-Z450. The former bike is lightweight and compact. The four-stroke engine components
include four titanium valves, DOHC, fuel injection, a semi-dry sump pump and 249 cc. The RM-

Z450 is built with four valves, a liquid cooling system, fuel injection and four strokes in a
package that displaces 449 cc.

Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Options offered by Yamaha include the Y2450F with fuel injection and four titanium valves.
This sophisticated equipment will automatically adjust performance to match ambient
temperature and altitude. The lightweight handling package and superior cornering ability are
attributed to a bilateral beam frame. More power and quick response time come with cylinders
that slant toward the rear.

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